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Frequent Questions

Condensation. When and why does it appear? Causes and Remedies.

The phenomenon of superficial condensation may appear on the exterior side (1), the inner side (4) or on the inner sides of the glazing (2), (3).
Condensation on the exterior side (1).
The phenomenon of condensation may appear on the exterior side if the temperature is lower than the temperature of the air outside (dew drops). It appears frequently on clear mornings featuring big night and day temperature shifts.
Condensation on the inner side (4)
The phenomenon of superficial condensation forming on the inner side is determined by several factors, such as:
- the weather;
- the temperature of the inside air;
- the humidity from inside the building;
- the ventilation volume;
- surface temperature of the glazed wall;
Limitation of the superficial condensation on the inner side may be achieved by collecting the water vapors at their source (kitchen, bathroom) and by proper heating and ventilation of the rooms.
Condensation on the internal sides (2), (3)
The appearance of condensation water on the inner sides of the double glazing indicates a leak in the gas or air volume, the only remedy being the replacement of the window.
Temporary condensation
Temporary condensation is quite normal, considering it usually appears during periods of high humidity, in spaces where it appears immediately (bathroom), during periods of cold weather.
Constant maintenance of windows

When cleaning the windows one should always use clean water or regular non-alkaline products with no special precautions, products that may easily be found in commerce.
They should be cleaned according to the outer level of pollution, usually 2-4 times per year.
Is there possible for the glass to spontaneously crack? What are the Causes? And the Remedies?

Owing to low heat conductivity of glass, partial heating and cooling of a window may generate tensions in the glass mass causing it to crack, the phenomenon being known as a "thermal shock". The most relevant example of a "thermal shock" risk refers to the margins of a layered absorbent window glass, subject to intense sunlight, the margins of which heat up slower than the actual surface.
The remedy consists of thermal safety (cooling) treatments allowing the glass to tolerate temperature differences of 150-200 C degrees.
How may glass help reduce the color fading of objects inside the house?

The fading of color in the case of objects that have been exposed to sunlight is particularly owed to UV radiation and, to a lower extent, to shortwave length visible light (violet, blue). The most efficient way of blocking the UV radiation is to use PVB battered glass from the Stadip variety.
How can glass suppress outside noise?

Noise is an audible perception generated by vibrations or waves propagated thorough the air, through liquid or solid matter (the wall). It is composed out of various tonalities (frequencies). The human ear is sensitive to frequencies ranging between 16 Hz and 20.000 Hz.
The best glass combination designed to reduce the noise includes the Stadip Silence product, and namely acoustic PVB battered glass, the laminated depth ranging from 44,2 to 10-10.4, depending on the technical stress.
Can glass ensure fireproof?

GLASS is an incombustible material and the Saint-Gobain Glass has some of the best classifications according to EU regulations.
The following criteria must be accomplished in order to get these classifications, such as: endurance criteria or durability (R), fire and gas proofness criteria (E) and thermal-insulating criteria during fires (I). As far as time is concerned, fireproof glass may last up to 30, 60 or 90 minutes, depending on the technical stress.
Can glass be used in doors, glazed dividing walls, furniture, balconies and balusters?

Yes, on the condition that the products made out of glass meets the safety measures requirements, i.e. the Stadip Protect multilayer (battered) glass or SGG Securit tempered (secured) glass.
Are you familiar with the advantages of using Low-E glass (Planitherm UltraN)?

Double or triple glazing products embedding the glass with an Low-E coating have a very good light transmission quality, reducing the energetic loss during wintertime while considerably enhancing the thermal comfort. Moreover, the glass surface temperature is higher, which reduces the sensation of cold and eliminates the risk of condensation appearance.
What is the level of glass solar thermal protection during summertime?

To heighten the efficiency during summertime, the solar-protection glass should prevent some 60-85% of the sunlight borne energy to enter the room (solar factor ranging from 0,40 and 0,15).
What is the chemical composition of glass used in construction?

The composition of silicon-calcium-soda glass, which is used in door and window construction contains sand (silicon), soda, chalk, aluminum oxides and magnesium, as well as other metallic oxides giving glass a certain color to its mass.
What is the density of glass used in window construction?

The density of the glass is 2.5, i.e. a mass of 2.5 kg/m2/per depth millimeter of the glass. The density expressed in legal unit system is 2.500 kg/m3. One m2 of glass with 0.4mm depth consequently has a mass of 10 kg.
Does glass have compression high endurance?

Absolutely! The compression glass endurance is a high one: 1.000 N/mm2 or 1.000 Mpa. This means that a glass cube with a side of 1 cm can only be broken by a burden of almost 10 tones!
Solar-control glass may filter light as well as heat?

Of course! Depending on the color characteristics of each solar-control glass, it can filter light transmission (TL) as well as energetic transmission (TE).
What is the composition of solar radiation to be filtered by solar-control glass?

Solar radiation reaching the earth is made out of about 3% UV, 55% infrared light(IR) and 42% visible light.
What is solar factor "g"?

A window's solar factor g measures the rate between the total energy passing through the window into the room and the incident solar energy. This total energy is the sum of the solar energy entering by direct transmission and the energy given away through the window glass into the inside space, following its heating by energetic absorption.
How important is the roof of the house?

It is recommended that one should invest considerably while building his house, starting with the foundation footing, the structure, the windows and the doors, etc. Think what would happen with the trimmings on your house if the cover wouldn't be of the highest quality and made up by professionals. Products of unreliable quality and a faulty mounting are guarantees of quick alterations.
How will I know if the purchased products are of the Lindab brand?

The metal roof tiles, corrugated iron plate, light profiles and structural cases have a Lindab logo on their bottom side, together with dates of fabrication, inscribed in ink-jet. Sheet plate and plater elements (ex. borders) are protected by a plastic self-adhesive foil inscribed with the Lindab logo. Elements of the gutter and pipe system have labels containing a barcode and the name of the producer, Lindab. The special anti-condensation foil and the sealing up profiles have the Lindab logo inscribed as well.
What are the advantages of a Lindab metal tiled roof compared to the other types?

Lindab metal tiled roof is enduring and elegant, offering an excellent display to modern buildings, at the same time fitting in harmoniously in the architecture of old buildings. Lindab metal tiles are made out of heated zinc plating steel, protected by a multilayer system on both sides, thus offering remarkable resistance to corrosion. With 20 classic and modern colors to choose from, the roof color will endure as new for a long time, owing especially to its final cover of polyester. All of the covering options leave out PVC, therefore protecting the environment. Metal tiles boards are delivered at the construction site discharged and according to your request. Material loss is thus avoided and the mounting is quicker and simpler.
How much does a Lindab metal tiled roof weight?

Lindab covering systems weight up to 5 kg/mp.
One of the countless advantages of steel is that it may be used for light structure constructions. Thus, if one takes into account a Lindab metal cover early on in the project phase, important expenses cuts can be made as far as the roof structure dimensions are concerned. More than that, when using metal tiles for renovating a roof, you no longer need to consolidate the building's resistance structure. Owing to its reduced weight, metal tiles are the ideal choice for large roofs.
How can a site measurement of the cover help me?

For old constructions as well as new ones, a ground surveying carried out by specialists from PRESTAREA at the site represents a further guarantee of correct material want estimation. Therefore, metal tiles boards will be improved according to the dimensions of the roof framing, while the rest of the accessories will be adequately added in order to complete the final offer.
What does a full Lindab roofing system contain?

Irrespective of the chosen covering type (metal tiles, folded plate or corrugated plate), we are offering you a full range of accessories: plater elements, ventilation elements, sealing up profiles, fixing screws, accessories for roof safety - all of which are making up a complete system of particular quality. The gutter and pipes system fully completes the ensemble.
What is the minimum / maximum roof slope on which the metal tiled roof may be installed?

Lindab metal tiles may be used for any type of roof having a slope between 14-90 degrees.
Is it possible to install garret windows on a metal tiled roof?

Yes. Gutter windows are installed together with the cover, so the roofing system will be a complete one.
Is it possible to install solar panels on a metal tiled roof?

Of course. For constructions having their cover finished already, the mounting of the solar panels may take place later on. The fixing of the panels is carried out with roof safety elements from Lindab Protectline variety, thus helping to an overall good running of the system.