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Client's opinion

Beneficiary: Andronescu Ion (37 years old)
Place: Iasi, Romania

"About a year and a half ago I've installed PVC window and door systems from Prestarea. My choice was the Veka 5-chambers profile and Low-e glass. I was particularly content because I managed to escape the awful noise coming from a close-by construction site. Moreover, now I've got the lowest gas bill amongst all my neighbours and although I am no expert in PVC profiles, I must confess, that, after comparing it with those owned by several acquaintances I've reached the conclusion these are the best I've seen and therefore always recommend them warmly."
Beneficiary: Marin Budaciu (44 years old)
Place: Iasi, Romania

"When I started building my house one of the most difficult decisions was that related to choice of joinery. I wanted something special, a door with wall-long opening extension and easy to trigger. After consulting countless price offers and discussions I finally spoke with someone from Prestarea. I had been searching for solutions for three weeks and my door was finally installed in less than two days. My collaboration with Prestarea extended to the entire profiles needed and I can fairly say it all turned out well enough."
Beneficiary: IASICON - Constructions Company
Place: Iasi, Romania

"Competition on the construction market is quite though and the winners are always those having a professional approach and the willingness to improve themselves by constantly adjusting to the market's evolution. By providing accurate solutions and professionalism Prestarea factory has become our ally in offering our clients nothing less than top quality."

Gheorghe Baian - Technical Manager
Beneficiary: MOLDOCONSTRUCT - Constructions Company
Place: Iasi, Romania

"Prestarea proved to be a long term partner offering us products and services adapted to our needs. In ten years of collaboration with Prestarea, the quality of their products and the commitment of its employees represent key points of our partnership."

Florin Iftimescu - President